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A European daily high-resolution gridded data set of surface temperature and precipitation for 1950-2006
We present a European land-only daily high-resolution gridded data set for precipitation and minimum, maximum, and mean surface temperature for the period 1950-2006. This data set improves onExpand
A high-resolution data set of surface climate over global land areas
We describe the construction of a 10' latitude/longitude data set of mean monthly sur- face climate over global land areas, excluding Antarctica. The climatology includes 8 climate ele- mentsExpand
Representing Twentieth-Century Space-Time Climate Variability. Part II: Development of 1901-96 Monthly Grids of Terrestrial Surface Climate
The authors describe the construction of a 0.58 lat‐long gridded dataset of monthly terrestrial surface climate for the period of 1901‐96. The dataset comprises a suite of seven climate elements:Expand
Representing Twentieth-Century Space–Time Climate Variability. Part I: Development of a 1961–90 Mean Monthly Terrestrial Climatology
Abstract The construction of a 0.5° lat × 0.5° long surface climatology of global land areas, excluding Antarctica, is described. The climatology represents the period 1961–90 and comprises a suiteExpand
African climate change: 1900-2100
This paper reviews observed (1900-2000) and possible future (2000-2100) continent- wide changes in temperature and rainfall for Africa. For the historic period we draw upon a new observed globalExpand
Surface air temperature and its changes over the past 150 years
We review the surface air temperature record of the past 150 years, considering the homogeneity of the basic data and the standard errors of estimation of the average hemispheric and globalExpand
Ensemble forecasting of species distributions.
It is argued that, although improved accuracy can be delivered through the traditional tasks of trying to build better models with improved data, more robust forecasts can also be achieved if ensemble forecasts are produced and analysed appropriately. Expand
Global observed changes in daily climate extremes of temperature and precipitation
A suite of climate change indices derived from daily temperature and precipitation data, with a primary focus on extreme events, were computed and analyzed. By setting an exact formula for each indexExpand
Evidence of trends in daily climate extremes over southern and west Africa
Received 31 May 2005; revised 10 January 2006; accepted 23 March 2006; published 21 July 2006. [1] There has been a paucity of information on trends in daily climate and climate extremes, especiallyExpand
The UNDP Climate Change Country Profiles Improving the accessibility of Observed and Projected Climate Information for Studies of Climate Change in Developing Countries
Improving the Accessibility of Observed and Projected Climate Information for Studies of Climate Change in Developing Countries.