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Sustainability Assessment of Railway Bridges - Influences of High Frequency Mechanical Impact Treatment on Fillet Welds under Transversal Bending
In Germany around a quarter of the existing railway bridges are made of steel. In the upcoming years many of these must be substituted. Not only on new stretches of tracks but also due to replacementExpand
Noise control device for a railway track
A sound insulation device for a railway track, comprising a sound insulation region (24) and an attachment portion (22) for attachment to a track system (12), characterized in that the acousticExpand
Method and data network for the automatic configuration of the display of parameters for machine tools or production machines
The method involves comparing an actual machine topology with stored desired machine topologies. Expand
A method for automatic configuration of a parameterization of machine tools or production machines
A method for automatic configuration of a configuration interface for at least one control and / or one controller of a machine tool or production machine, characterized in that during the commissioning of the machine via a data network which connects the machine components (5, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b, 9) with one another, an automatic identification of the currently connected machine components is carried out and in this way a current actual machine topology is detected. Expand