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How to reduce perceived risk when buying online: The interactions between intangibility, product knowledge, brand familiarity, privacy and security concerns
This paper studies how product intangibility and its moderators affect perceived risk in an online shopping setting. The moderators studied were brand familiarity, product knowledge, privacy concernsExpand
Human values and attitudes toward bank services in Brazil
Purpose – The relationship between personal values and behaviour has been widely studied, and previous studies have demonstrated the mediating role of attitudes. The purpose of the study is to testExpand
Testosterone and domain-specific risk: Digit ratios (2D:4D and rel2) as predictors of recreational, financial, and social risk-taking behaviors
Prenatal testosterone has important effects on brain organization and future behavior. The second-to-fourth digit length ratio (2D:4D), a proxy of prenatal testosterone exposure, has been linked to aExpand
Anti-consumption: The lifestyles of the disciplined materialists
This thesis examines why some people row against the consumerism tide and adopt anti-consumption lifestyles. Reasons for understanding this resistance are twofold. First, companies should createExpand
How do involvement and product knowledge affect the relationship between intangibility and perceived risk for brands and product categories
Purpose – Intangibility has long been studied in marketing, especially its physical aspect. This paper seeks to verify whether a branding strategy is efficient in reducing the risk perceived byExpand
The impact of materialism and anti-consumption lifestyles on personal debt and account balances
We investigated how anti-consumption lifestyles and materialism correlate with personal debt and account balances. The data collection was conducted in partnership with a financial institution whichExpand
Shame on You: When Materialism Leads to Purchase Intentions Toward Counterfeit Products
In recent years, counterfeiting has grown exponentially and has now become a grave economic problem. The acquisition of counterfeits poses an ethical dilemma as it benefits the buyer and illegalExpand
Do I Fear Death? The Effects of Mortality Salience on Anti-Consumption Lifestyles
How are individuals who voluntarily resist consumption affected by death thoughts? We looked at the impact of mortality salience (MS) on anticonsumption lifestyles. We found that high anticonsumptionExpand
What's So Funny?
ABSTRACT The literature includes extensive research on the role of humor in advertising. Few studies, however, have compared how humor in advertising is used in different countries. Using contentExpand
The Ecological Impact of Anticonsumption Lifestyles and Environmental Concern
Unsustainable consumption is an important cause of the continued deterioration of the global environment. The authors compare the ecological impact of anticonsumption lifestyles and environmentalExpand