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Andropogonetum Hempsteadi: A Long Island Grassland Vegetation Type
The Hempstead Plains, originally an area of about 50 square miles of natural grasslands, are located in Nassau County, Long Island, New York. The vegetation of this region is somewhat suggestive ofExpand
The Integration of Plant Behaviour. III.--The Effect of Gravity on the Growth of Roots
The question whether the transverse stimulus of gravity affects the rate of growth of various parts of plants has been often investigated, but with results that are in part very contradictory. For aExpand
The Integration of Plant Behaviour. IV.--Geotropism and Growth-Substance
In a previous paper (1929) we referred to an ingenious experiment by Cholodny (1924), who, working with Zea mays , found that the sensitivity to gravity of decapitated roots can be largely restoredExpand
The Integration of Plant Behaviour.--II. The Influence of the Shoot on the Growth of Roots in Seedlings
Several investigators have already studied the manner in which the growth of roots is affected when the shoots are removed. Kny concluded (1, p. 279) that in young seedlings of Vicia Faba and ZeaExpand
The Integration of Plant Behaviour.--I. Separate Geotropic Stimulations of Tip and Stump in Roots
The investigations into the chemical processes which play a part in the integration of plant behaviour have been carried out during the past few years in the Botanical Department of the University ofExpand
The integration of plant behaviour V—Growth substance and traumatic curvature of the root
The manner of response of the root to injury is well known. A lateral wound made within 1 mm or 2 mm of the extreme tip gives rise to a negative curvature: the root curves away from the wound. AExpand