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Testosterone loss and estradiol administration modify memory in men.
PURPOSE Little is known about the effect of androgen deprivation therapy on the brain despite the fact that sex steroid receptors are abundant in cortical brain regions that mediate memory and otherExpand
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Hot flashes and estrogen therapy do not influence cognition in early menopausal women
Objective: To examine how menopausal symptoms and estrogen therapy (ET)-induced symptom relief affect cognition in early menopause. Design:: There were two components. Part 1 was a cross-sectionalExpand
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Cognition is not modified by large but temporary changes in sex hormones in men.
CONTEXT Little is known about the role of testosterone and estradiol on cognition in healthy older men. OBJECTIVE The cognitive effects of increasing or lowering testosterone or estradiol wereExpand
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Self-esteem: a behavioural genetic perspective
Self-esteem, the affective or evaluative appraisal of one's self, is linked with adaptive personality functioning: high self-esteem is associated with psychological health benefits (e.g. subjectiveExpand
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Association between sex steroids and cognition in elderly men
Objective  To examine the association of cognitive function with sex steroid and sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) levels among elderly men.
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Genetic influences on level and stability of self-esteem
We attempted to clarify the relation between self-esteem level (high vs. low) and perceived self-esteem stability (within-person variability) by using a behavioral genetics approach. We testedExpand
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Age Differences in the Heritability of Mean and Intraindividual Variation of Psychological Distress
Background: An important question in the study of intraindividual variability is whether the same explanatory mechanisms govern between person variation and within person variation. Objective: ThisExpand
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Age differences in perception and awareness of emotion
We investigated the effects of age and gender on emotional perception and physiology using electrodermal skin conductance response (SCR) and examined whether SCR is related to subjective perceptionsExpand
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Estrogen modifies arousal but not memory for emotional events in older women
Emotional arousal and the affective content of events influence memory. These effects shift with age such that older people find negative information less arousing and remember proportionately moreExpand
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Estrogen, testosterone, and sequential movement in men.
Behavioral and physiological data suggest that the striatal dopaminergic system is important in the production and execution of sequential movements. Striatal function is also modulated by sexExpand
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