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Temperature and the Allocation of Time: Implications for Climate Change
We estimate the impacts of temperature on time allocation by exploiting plausibly exogenous variation in temperature over time within counties. Temperature increases at the higher end of theExpand
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Air Pollution and Infant Health: Lessons from New Jersey
We examine the impact of three "criteria" air pollutants on infant health in New Jersey in the 1990s by combining information about mother's residential location from birth certificates withExpand
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Air Pollution and Infant Health: What Can We Learn from California's Recent Experience?
We examine the impact of air pollution on infant death in California over the 1990s. Our work offers several innovations: First, many previous studies examine populations subject to far greaterExpand
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Environment, Health, and Human Capital
In this review, we discuss three major contributions economists have made to our understanding of the relationship between the environment and individual well-being. First, in explicitly recognizingExpand
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Particulate Pollution and the Productivity of Pear Packers
We study the effect of outdoor air pollution on the productivity of indoor workers at a pear-packing factory. We focus on fine particulate matter (PM2.5), a harmful pollutant that easily penetratesExpand
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Air pollution, health, and socio-economic status: the effect of outdoor air quality on childhood asthma.
  • M. Neidell
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  • Journal of health economics
  • 1 November 2004
This paper estimates the effect of air pollution on child hospitalizations for asthma using naturally occurring seasonal variations in pollution within zip codes. Of the pollutants considered, carbonExpand
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Information, Avoidance Behavior, and Health: The Effect of Ozone on Asthma Hospitalizations
This paper assesses whether responses to information about risk impact estimates of the relationship between ozone and asthma in Southern California. Using a regression discontinuity design, I findExpand
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The Effect of Pollution on Worker Productivity: Evidence from Call-Center Workers in China
We investigate the effect of pollution on worker productivity in the service sector by focusing on two call centers in China. Using precise measures of each worker's daily output linked to dailyExpand
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Temperature and Human Capital in the Short and Long Run
We provide the first estimates of the potential impact of climate change on cognitive performance and attainment, focusing on the impacts from both short-run weather and long-run climate. ExploitingExpand
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What Do We Know About Short and Long Term Effects of Early Life Exposure to Pollution?
Evidence shows that pollution exposure early in life is detrimental to near-term health, and an increasing body of evidence suggests that early-childhood health influences health and human capitalExpand
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