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Notulae ad Floram agaricinam neerlandicam — XLIII. Notes on Agrocybe
Within the scope of a revision of the genus Agrocybe for Flora agaricina neerlandica, three new taxa of Agrocybe sect. Pediadae are described. Agrocybe ochracea spec. nov. is characterized by the
Notulae ad Floram agaricinam neerlandicam — XXXIII. Notes on Agaricus section Spissicaules
The subsection Spissicaules of Agaricus section Sanguinolenti is raised to section level and a new species is described from the Netherlands and Great Britain, A. rufotegulis, which is tentatively placed in subgenus Lanagaricus on account of the covering of the pileus and stipe.
Fungal conservation issues: recognising the problem, finding solutions
The argument Staley develops is interesting and has some valuable points for mycologists to ponder, and Staley puts the level of importance of micro-organisms very high.
Comparative activity and distribution studies of five platinum analogues in nude mice bearing human ovarian carcinoma xenografts.
A good correlation between analogue activity in ovarian cancer in the clinic and that in MRI-H-207 is shown, and platinum concentrations in tumor tissue did not predict antitumor activity.
Fungal Conservation: Issues and Solutions
List of contributors Preface 1. Fungal conservation issues: recognising the problem, finding solutions David Moore, Marijke M. Nauta, Shelley E. Evans and Maurice Rotheroe 2. Current trends and
British dermateaceae: 4B. Dermateoideae Genera G-Z
As part of a synopsis of British Dermateaceae, descriptions of genera and keys to species for the genera Belonium to Eupropolella (subfamily Dermateoideae) are presented.
Notes on Mollisioid Ascomycetes from the Beartooth Plateau, Rocky Mountains USA
During a visit to the Beartooth Plateau, Rocky Mountains USA, several collections were made of inoperculate Ascomycetes, and four collections on Salix twigs proved to belong to two different species of Mollisia, new to the beartooth plateau.
Secondary screening of platinum compounds in human ovarian cancer xenografts in nude mice.
Five TNO platinum compounds evaluated for antitumor activities in two human ovarian carcinoma tumor lines grown in nude mice may offer a reliable screening model for selection of a cisplatin analog with a higher therapeutic index or without cross-resistance for treatment in ovarian cancer.
Enhanced success rate of transplantation with human tumors in cyclophosphamide-treated nude mice.
Results indicate that immunologic mechanisms indeed can play a role in the inhibition of tumor growth in nude mice and that CY pretreatment may enhance the success rate of transplantation, but this effect appears to be limited to certain tumors.