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An elementary account is given of the representation theory for unitary groups. We review the basic definitions and the construction of irreducible representations using tensor methods, and indicateExpand
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Hooke, orbital motion, and Newton's Principia
A detailed analysis is given of a 1685 graphical construction by Robert Hooke for the polygonal path of a body moving in a periodically pulsed radial field of force. In this example the force variesExpand
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Thermal effects of laser radiation in biological tissue.
A theoretical model is presented that simulates the thermal effects of laser radiation incident on biological tissue. The multiple scattering and absorption of the laser beam and the thermalExpand
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Calculated fusion rates in isotopic hydrogen molecules
COLD fusion occurs when two nuclei with very small relative energy tunnel through their mutual Coulomb barrier to initiate a nuclear reaction. The phenomenon is well studied in muon-catalysedExpand
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Essay Review: The Mathematical Principles Underlying the Principia Revisited: The Key to Newton's Dynamics: The Kepler Problem and the Principia, Newton's Principia: The Central Argument
In the Preface of the Principia Newton outlines one of his main goals: "that from the phenomena we may investigate the forces of nature, and then from these forces we may demonstrate the rest of theExpand
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Max Planck and the birth of the quantum hypothesis
Based on the functional dependence of entropy on energy, and on Wien's distribution for black-body radiation, Max Planck obtained a formula for this radiation by an interpolation relation that fittedExpand
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Conical tip in frozen water drops
A theory is presented for the formation of a conical tip in water drops that are frozen on a flat surface below freezing temperature. For the known ice to water density ratio r = .917, the angle ofExpand
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