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Ecotoxicological evaluation of magnetic ionic liquids.
Effects of nano-selenium on the liver antioxidant enzyme activity and immunoglobolins in male rats exposed to oxidative stress
It was concluded that nanoselenium supplementation ameliorate the negative effects of oxidative stress on liver and influence positively in red blood cells count and immunoglobulin production.
NMR Metabolomics Reveals Metabolism-Mediated Protective Effects in Liver (HepG2) Cells Exposed to Subtoxic Levels of Silver Nanoparticles.
The value of NMR metabolomics for revealing subtoxic biological effects and helping to understand cell-nanomaterial interactions is highlighted, suggesting adaptations in energy production processes, antioxidant defenses, protein degradation and lipid metabolism.
The effect of soft cervical collar on movement response and anticipatory postural adjustment of postural muscle of neck following arm flexion during standing
During fast arm movement that leads to postural perturbation, soft cervical collar alleviates the response and reduce activity of muscles.