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Identification of novel lymphoid tissues in murine intestinal mucosa where clusters of c-kit+ IL-7R+ Thy1+ lympho-hemopoietic progenitors develop
We have revealed that about one and a half thousand tiny clusters, filled with one thousand closely packed lymphocytes, can be found throughout the murine small and large intestinal mucosa. They areExpand
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Generation of polymeric immunoglobulin receptor-deficient mouse with marked reduction of secretory IgA.
We generated mouse lacking exon 2 of polymeric Ig receptor (pIgR) gene by a gene-targeting strategy (pIgR-deficient mouse; pIgR-/- mouse) to define the physiological role of pIgR in the transcytosisExpand
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Bacterial Teichoic Acids Reverse Predominant IL-12 Production Induced by Certain Lactobacillus Strains into Predominant IL-10 Production via TLR2-Dependent ERK Activation in Macrophages
The cytokine response of macrophages to probiotic lactobacilli varies between strains, and the balance of IL-10/IL-12 production is crucial for determination of the direction of the immune response.Expand
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Induction of interleukin-12 by Lactobacillus strains having a rigid cell wall resistant to intracellular digestion.
Some strains of lactobacilli can stimulate macrophages and dendritic cells to secrete IL-12, which plays a key role in activating innate immunity. We examined the IL-12-inducing ability of 47Expand
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Curriculum vitae of intestinal intraepithelial T cells: their developmental and behavioral characteristics
Summary:  The alimentary tract has an epithelial layer, consisting mainly of intestinal epithelial cells (IECs), that is exposed to the exterior world through the intestinal lumen. The IEC layerExpand
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Essential Roles of Monocytes in Stimulating Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells with Lactobacillus casei To Produce Cytokines and Augment Natural Killer Cell Activity
ABSTRACT We examined the effect of a probiotic strain, Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota, on cytokine production and natural killer (NK) cell activity in human peripheral blood mononuclear cellsExpand
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Protection Against Influenza Virus Infection in Polymeric Ig Receptor Knockout Mice Immunized Intranasally with Adjuvant-Combined Vaccines
The role of secretory IgA in conferring cross-protective immunity was examined in polymeric (p)IgR knockout (KO) mice immunized intranasally with different inactivated vaccines prepared fromExpand
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γδ T cells: firefighters or fire boosters in the front lines of inflammatory responses
Summary:  Intradermal inoculation of cloned self‐reactive αβ T cells into the footpads of mice induced cutaneous graft‐versus‐host disease (GVHD), and after recovery from GVHD, the epidermis becameExpand
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Modulation of Immune Functions by Foods
Evidence is rapidly accumulating as to the beneficial effects of foods. However, it is not always clear whether the information is based on data evaluated impartially in a scientific fashion. HumanExpand
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Prenatal Blockage of Lymphotoxin β Receptor and TNF Receptor p55 Signaling Cascade Resulted in the Acceleration of Tissue Genesis for Isolated Lymphoid Follicles in the Large Intestine1
Signaling by lymphotoxin (LT) and TNF is essential for the organogenesis of secondary lymphoid tissues in systemic and mucosal compartments. In this study, we demonstrated that the progeny of miceExpand
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