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Adenosine Triphosphate and Maintenance of Shape of the Human Red Cells
It is suggested that the red cell envelope might possess certain contractile properties dependent upon a continuous regeneration of adenosine triphosphate, according to the evidence that incorporation of phosphorus-32 is low in the esters of the stroma obtained from those species with spheroidal red cells or from patients with hereditary spherocytosis. Expand
Differential isolation of microvillous and basolateral plasma membranes from intestinal mucosa: mutually exclusive distribution of digestive enzymes and ouabain-sensitive ATPase.
Electron microscopy showed that the microvillous membrane fraction was composed of thick membrane vesicle of regular size, and the basolateral membrane fraction of vesicles more irregular in shape and size. Expand
Potassium-ion stimulated p-nitrophenylphosphatase activity occurring in a highly specific adenosine triphosphatase preparation from rabbit brain.
There was a fairly good correlation between the inhibition curves for p -nitrophenylphosphatase and ATPase in the presence of increasing concentrations of N -ethylmaleimide or diisopropylph phosphorofluoridate (DFP). Expand
Adenosine triphosphate and shape of erythrocytes.
Characterization of human erythrocyte cytoskeletal ATPase.
Human erythrocyte cytoskeletal ATPase was extracted with 0.2 mM ATP from Triton X-100 treated ghosts and the results suggest that the cytoskeleton ATPase is actin ATPase and the actin ATMase is activated by spectrin and band 4.1. Expand
Phosphorylation of immunopurified rat liver glucocorticoid receptor by the catalytic subunit of cAMP-dependent protein kinase
It is demonstrated that GR is an effective substrate for action of cAMP-PK and that the immunopurified protein A-Sepharose adsorbed GR lacks intrinsic kinase activity but can be conveniently used for the characterization of the phosphorylation reaction in the presence of an exogenous kinase. Expand
Sodium Ion Discharge From Pig Kidney Na,K-ATPase
Publisher Summary Sodium ions bound to the cytoplasmic surface of Na, K–ATPase and translocated to the extracellular surface are discharged from the enzyme during the transphosphorylation of theExpand
Asymmetric distribution of ouabain-sensitive ATPase activity in rat intestinal mucosa.
Abstract A careful washed preparation of intestinal brush border membranes from rat contained two-thirds of the sucrase activity of a starting homogenate and 2–4% of the ouabain-sensitive ATPaseExpand