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In situ measurements of carbon and nitrogen distribution and composition, photochemical efficiency and stable isotope ratios in Araucaria angustifolia
Araucaria angustifolia (Bertol.) Kuntze is an indigenous conifer restricted to the southern region of South America. In this on-site field study, we provide a detailed description of the nitrogenExpand
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Water shortage affects the water and nitrogen balance in Central European beech forests.
Whilst forest policy promotes cultivation and regeneration of beech dominated forest ecosystems, beech itself is a highly drought sensitive tree species likely to suffer from the climatic conditionsExpand
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Soluble nonprotein nitrogen compounds indicate changes in the nitrogen status of beech seedlings due to climate and thinning
Summary • We assessed the effect of climatic and canopy density changes on the seasonal patterns of total soluble nonprotein N (TSNN) in naturally regenerated beech (Fagus sylvatica) seedlings grownExpand
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Physiological performance of beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) at its southeastern distribution limit in Europe: seasonal changes in nitrogen, carbon and water balance.
To assess the physiological performance of drought-sensitive European beech ( Fagus sylvatica L.) under the dry Mediterranean climate prevailing at its southeastern distribution limit in Europe, weExpand
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Ecophysiology of selected tree species in different plant communities at the periphery of the Atlantic Forest of SE Brazil I. Performance of three different species of Clusia in an array of plant
Three species of Clusia, namely two CAM-species (C. hilariana Schlecht. and C. fluminensis Planch. et Triana) and a C3-species (C. parviflora Saldanha et Engl.) were studied in different plantExpand
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Ecophysiology of selected tree species in different plant communities at the periphery of the Atlantic Forest of SE-Brazil II. Spatial and ontogenetic dynamics in Andira legalis, a deciduous legume
Andira legalis Vell. Toledo (Leguminosae, Papilionoideae) is a deciduous tree of the coastal vegetation of Brazil. It was studied in the restinga ecosystems of the Atlantic coast along a moistureExpand
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Alley coppice—a new system with ancient roots
ContextCurrent production from natural forests will not satisfy future world demand for timber and fuel wood, and new land management options are required.AimsWe explore an innovative productionExpand
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Virginia mallow (Sida hermaphrodita (L.) Rusby) as perennial multipurpose crop: biomass yields, energetic valorization, utilization potentials, and management perspectives
This article reviews the scholarly literature dealing with the perennial multipurpose crop Virginia mallow (Sida hermaphrodita (L.) Rusby; Sida in the following). In regions dominated by intensiveExpand
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Modelling Shadow Using 3D Tree Models in High Spatial and Temporal Resolution
Information about the availability of solar irradiance for crops is of high importance for improving management practices of agricultural ecosystems such as agroforestry systems (AFS). Hence, theExpand
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