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Three-dimensional structure of the prolamellar body in squash etioplasts
SummaryHigh resolution scanning electron microscopy revealed that the basic unit of the paracrystalline network in squash prolamellar body is a tetrapodal structure, which has four short tubular arms
Three-dimensional structure of the crystalloid in the microbody of Kloeckera sp.: composite crystal model
Electron microscopic investigations using the cryosectioning technique demonstrated that the crystalloid was composed of two different types of particles, large and small ones, arranged alternately and making up the composite crystal of rock salt structure.
Morphological changes in ascospores of Saccharomyces cerevisiae during aerobic and anaerobic germination.
There was found no difference in the germination rates under both conditions, and the mitochondria showed no change in shape and number in aerobic cultures, but seemed to swell and disintegrate in the later stages of anaerobic germination.