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Hawking radiation as tunneling for extremal and rotating black holes
The issue concerning semi-classical methods recently developed in deriving the conditions for Hawking radiation as tunneling, is revisited and applied also to rotating black hole solutions as well asExpand
Local Hawking temperature for dynamical black holes
A local Hawking temperature is derived for any future outer trapping horizon in spherical symmetry, using a Hamilton?Jacobi variant of the Parikh?Wilczek tunneling method. It is given by a dynamicalExpand
Hamilton-Jacobi tunneling method for dynamical horizons in different coordinate gauges
Previous work on dynamical black hole instability is further elucidated within the Hamilton–Jacobi method for horizon tunneling and the reconstruction of the classical action by means of the nullExpand
On the Hawking radiation as tunneling for a class of dynamical black holes
Abstract The instability against emission of massless particles by the trapping horizon of an evolving black hole is analyzed with the use of the Hamilton–Jacobi method. The method automaticallyExpand
Comment on "On the tunneling through the black hole horizon" [arXiv:0910.3934]
The arguments of the above article [arXiv:0910.3934] do not apply to the papers which it criticizes, and contain several key errors, including a fundamental misunderstanding about the equivalenceExpand
Thermodynamical properties of hairy black holes in n spacetime dimensions
The issue concerning the existence of exact black hole solutions in the presence of a nonvanishing cosmological constant and scalar fields is reconsidered. With regard to this, in investigatingExpand
Hawking radiation as tunnelling: the D-dimensional rotating case
The tunnelling method for Hawking radiation is revisited and applied to the D-dimensional rotating case. Emphasis is given to covariance of results. Certain ambiguities afflicting the procedure areExpand
Reply to Comments on "Invariance of the tunneling method for dynamical black holes" arXiv:0907.2020
We point out basic misunderstandings about quantum field theory, general relativity and partial derivatives in the above Comments. In reply to a second comment on our first reply by the same author,Expand