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On Subtyping-Relation Completeness, with an Application to Iso-Recursive Types
This article develops techniques for stating and proving that a subtyping relation is complete with respect to type safety and applies the techniques to the study of iso-recursive subtyPing. Expand
Design of a reversible single precision floating point multiplier based on operand decomposition
We propose a new reversible design of 8×8 bit Wallace tree multiplier that has been optimized in terms of quantum cost, delay, and number of garbage outputs. Expand
Completely Subtyping Iso-recursive Types
Well-known techniques exist for proving the soundness of subtyping relations with respect to type safety. However, completeness has not been treated with widely applicable techniques, as far as weExpand
Design of a reversible floating-point adder architecture
The study of reversible circuits holds great promise for emerging technologies. Expand
Design and analysis of a novel reversible encoder/decoder
We propose a novel reversible encoder/decoder design and analyze it in terms of its quantum cost, garbage outputs, constant inputs, and quantum delay. Expand
Implementation Details of the Coupled QMR Algorithm Roland
The original quasi-minimal residual method (QMR) relies on the threeterm look-ahead Lanczos process to generate basis vectors for the underlying Krylov subspaces. However, empirical observationsExpand