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A new 9-point sixth-order accurate compact finite-difference method for the Helmholtz equation
A new 9-point sixth-order accurate compact finite-difference method for solving the Helmholtz equation in one and two dimensions, is developed and analyzed. This scheme is based on sixth-orderExpand
Acoustophoretic contactless transport and handling of matter in air
Levitation and controlled motion of matter in air have a wealth of potential applications ranging from materials processing to biochemistry and pharmaceuticals. We present a unique acoustophoreticExpand
Steady and unsteady flow analysis in microdiffusers and micropumps: a critical review
In recent research, there has been a growing interest in the analysis of flow through microdiffusers and micropumps in steady and unsteady flow regimes in order to characterize and optimize the performance of these devices. Expand
Analysis of regular and irregular acoustic streaming patterns in a rectangular enclosure
Abstract This study reports an experimental investigation of the non-linear phenomena of regular (classical) and irregular streaming patterns generated in an air-filled rigid-walled square channelExpand
A fast hybrid start-up process for thermally self-sustained catalyticn-butane reforming in micro-SOFC power plants
This work aims at the investigation and optimization of a hybrid start-up process for a self-sustained reactor for n-butane to syngas conversion in intermediate temperature, micro-solid oxide fuelExpand
TOPICAL REVIEW: A critical review on advanced velocity measurement techniques in pulsating flows
Velocity measurement in pulsating flows is more difficult than that in steady flows. One problem follows from the necessity to synchronize the measuring instrument with the characteristic of the flowExpand
On the acoustic levitation stability behaviour of spherical and ellipsoidal particles
Abstract We present here an in-depth analysis of particle levitation stability and the role of the radial and axial forces exerted on fixed spherical and ellipsoidal particles levitated in anExpand
Investigation of a line-focused acoustic levitation for contactless transport of particles
We investigate herein an interesting acoustic line-focused levitation mechanism, enabling the simultaneous transportation of the acoustically levitated particles. It is shown that the performance ofExpand
An experimentally optimized model for heat and mass transfer in direct contact membrane distillation
Membrane distillation (MD), a thermally driven process involving hydrophobic micro-porous membranes has gained widespread interest in academic research and is set to become an alternative solution toExpand
Contactless transport of acoustically levitated particles
We present herein a method for the acoustic translation of solid particles of waterlike density in air, by employing a single transducer and controlling the pressure field through regulation of theExpand