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What is the Rule of Law and Why is It so Important
This chapter considers the rule of law from within the rule of law tradition to clarify what the rule of law is, why it is so valuable, and how we can secure it. The rule of law in its original, bestExpand
American Republicanism: Roman Ideology in the United States Constitution
Preface - PART 1: REPUBLICAN IMAGES - Introduction - Republican Pseudonyms - The Iconography of the American Revolution - North American Classicism - Public Debate at the Time of the ConstitutionalExpand
An Ethical Education: Community and Morality in the Multicultural University
Part 1 The aims of the university: ethics and the aims of the universities in historical perspective, N.H. Steneck the aims of the university and the challenge of diversity - bridging theExpand
The sacred fire of liberty
The sacred fire of liberty framed the ideology that formed the revolutions of England, France and the United States of America. These triumphs guided many other states, until the strength of libertyExpand
The United States Constitution
The United States Constitution, as signed by the Convention on 17 September 1787, and transmitted by Congress to the States, contained many of the republican elements already embraced by earlierExpand
The Victorian Achievement of Sir Henry Maine: A Centennial Reappraisal
Notes on contributors Foreword Sir John Lyons Introduction Alan Diamond 1. The Victorian values of Sir Henry Maine George Feaver Part I. Maine and the Idea of Progress: 2. Henry Maine andExpand
The Right to Secede
Which groups enjoy the right to secede in international law, under what circumstances, and why? The “right to secede” in this context signifies the right of a group of the citizens or subjects of anExpand
The Sacred Fire of Liberty: Republicanism, Liberalism, and the Law
Preface Introduction PART I: THE ORIGINS OF REPUBLICAN LIBERTY Roman Liberty Italian Liberty English Liberty American Liberty French Liberty Republican Liberty PART II: THE CONCEPT OF REPUBLICANExpand
Republicanism: Philosophical Aspects
Republicanism is the doctrine that public power should always serve the common good of all those subject to its rule. This raises the question how to do so most effectively, either through particularExpand