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Persistent Solar Influence on North Atlantic Climate During the Holocene
Surface winds and surface ocean hydrography in the subpolar North Atlantic appear to have been influenced by variations in solar output through the entire Holocene. The evidence comes from a closeExpand
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Resolving seasonality in tropical trees: multi-decade, high-resolution oxygen and carbon isotope records from Indonesia and Thailand
Abstract Dendrochronological techniques have found limited applications in the tropics because of invisible or indistinct banding in wood. The seasonal cycles of rainfall and relative humidity inExpand
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Evaluating climate indices and their geochemical proxies measured in corals
Abstract. Standard ocean/climate indices such as the Niño-3 sea surface temperature (SST) index, based on sparse instrumental data, and atmospheric indices such as the Southern Oscillation IndexExpand
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Applications of proxy system modeling in high resolution paleoclimatology
Proxy system modeling complements and sharpens signal interpretations based solely on statistical analyses and transformations; provides the basis for observing network optimization, hypothesis testing, and data-model comparisons; and may be incorporated as weak but mechanistically-plausible constraints into paleoclimatic reconstruction algorithms. Expand
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A stable isotope-based approach to tropical dendroclimatology 1 1 Associate editor: D. W. Lea
Abstract We describe a strategy for development of chronological control in tropical trees lacking demonstrably annual ring formation, using high resolution δ 18 O measurements in tropical wood. TheExpand
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An efficient forward model of the climate controls on interannual variation in tree-ring width
We present a simple, efficient, process-based forward model of tree-ring growth, called Vaganov–Shashkin-Lite (VS-Lite), that requires as inputs only latitude and monthly temperature andExpand
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Reconstructing ENSO: the influence of method, proxy data, climate forcing and teleconnections
In this study we compare three newly developed independent NINO3.4 sea surface temperature (SST) reconstructions using data from (1) the central Pacific (corals), (2) the TexMex region of the USAExpand
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Comparison of observed and simulated tropical climate trends using a forward model of coral δ18O
[1] The response of the tropical Pacific Ocean to future climate change remains highly uncertain, in part because of the disagreement among observations and coupled general circulation models (CGCMs)Expand
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Pacific sea surface temperature field reconstruction from coral δ18O data using reduced space objective analysis
[1] A systematic methodology for the reconstruction of climate fields from sparse observational networks of proxy data, employing the technique of reduced space objective analysis, is applied to theExpand
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