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Olfactory-like receptor cDNAs are present in human lingual cDNA libraries.
Olfactory and pheromone receptors constitute a large family of G-protein-coupled receptors involved in the detection and transduction of odorant signals and it is found that four genes are expressed in epithelial cells of the surface of the adult tongue.
Human papillomavirus DNA presence of the upper respiratory tract mucosa of healthy children.
Examinations of children with Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis, using PCR method with specific primers, revealed HPV type 6 or/and 11 in 98%-100% tissue samples, indicating relatively high presence of HPV in respiratory tract in children.
[The role of environmental factors in HPV infections of the upper respiratory tract of healthy children].
Exposure to unfavorable environmental factors like active smokers in the family and low standard of living can led to spreading of the HPV infections.
Capacitative calcium entry mechanism in nonexcitable cells — the role of cytoskeleton
The status of T cells is dependent on many factors, including the signals the cells are receiving from the environment , but also the expression of proteins, which are critical for the process of