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Activation of Downstream Signals by the Long Form of the Leptin Receptor*
The adipocyte-derived hormone leptin signals the status of body energy stores by activating the long form of the leptin receptor (LRb). Activation of LRb results in the activation of the associatedExpand
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STAT3 signalling is required for leptin regulation of energy balance but not reproduction
Secretion of leptin from adipocytes communicates body energy status to the brain by activating the leptin receptor long form (LRb). LRb regulates energy homeostasis and neuroendocrine function; theExpand
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Mechanisms of leptin action and leptin resistance.
The adipose tissue-derived hormone leptin acts via its receptor (LRb) in the brain to regulate energy balance and neuroendocrine function. LRb signaling via STAT3 and a number of other pathways isExpand
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Role of IRS-2 in insulin and cytokine signalling
THE protein IRS-1 acts as an interface between signalling proteins with Src-homology-2 domains (SH2 proteins) and the receptors for insulin, IGF-1, growth hormone, several interleukins (IL-4, IL-9,Expand
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Endoplasmic reticulum stress plays a central role in development of leptin resistance.
Leptin has not evolved as a therapeutic modality for the treatment of obesity due to the prevalence of leptin resistance in a majority of the obese population. Nevertheless, the molecular mechanismsExpand
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SOCS3 Mediates Feedback Inhibition of the Leptin Receptor via Tyr985 *
During leptin signaling, each of the phosphorylated tyrosine residues on the long form of the leptin receptor (LRb) mediates distinct signals. Phosphorylated Tyr1138 binds STAT3 to mediate itsExpand
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Phosphatidylinositol 3′‐kinase is activated by association with IRS‐1 during insulin stimulation.
IRS‐1 undergoes rapid tyrosine phosphorylation during insulin stimulation and forms a stable complex containing the 85 kDa subunit (p85) of the phosphatidylinositol (PtdIns) 3′‐kinase, but p85 is notExpand
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Intracellular signalling: Key enzyme in leptin-induced anorexia
Leptin is a key hormonal regulator of energy balance that acts upon hypothalamic neurons to reduce food intake, but the intracellular mechanisms involved are incompletely understood. Here we showExpand
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Insulin activation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase in the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus: a key mediator of insulin-induced anorexia.
In peripheral tissues, insulin signaling involves activation of the insulin receptor substrate (IRS)-phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) enzyme system. In the hypothalamus, insulin functions withExpand
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Divergent Roles of SHP-2 in ERK Activation by Leptin Receptors*
The protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP-2 has been proposed to serve as a regulator of leptin signaling, but its specific roles are not fully examined. To directly investigate the role of SHP-2, weExpand
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