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Use of Herbal Plants in Poultry Health Management in the Mushagashe Small-Scale Commercial Farming Area in Zimbabwe
For poor smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe, conventional drugs have become very expensive and an out-of-reach resource for the health man- agement of chickens. A diagnostic survey was undertaken in theExpand
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A Research Review of Village Chicken Production Constraints and Opportunities in Zimbabwe
Development of village chicken production can be a sustainable way of helping to meet the welfare needs of rural populations and raise their living standards. There is a dearth of information onExpand
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Point prevalence study of gastro-intestinal parasites in village chickens of Centane district, South Africa
Village chickens improve rural farmers’ nutritional and income status. Nonetheless, chicken productivity is chiefly hampered by gastro-intestinal parasites and there is dearth of information on theExpand
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Characteristics of duckweed and its potential as feed source for chickens reared for meat production: A review
With the high cost of the conventional protein required in producing meat and its products to meet demand by the ever-increasing population, it is imperative that other cheaper alternatives beExpand
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Farmer participatory screening of maize seed varieties for suitability in risk prone, resource-constrained smallholder farming systems of Zimbabwe
The top down approach to hybrid seed production and variety selection in Sub-Saharan African countries has resulted in farmers being reduced to simple adopters of seed varieties mostly not suited toExpand
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In vivo anthelmintic efficacy of Aloe ferox, Agave sisalana, and Gunnera perpensa in village chickens naturally infected with Heterakis gallinarum
The study was conducted to determine the anthelmintic efficacy of Aloe ferox, Agave sisalana, and Gunnera perpensa against Heterakis gallinarum in village chickens. The chickens naturally infectedExpand
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Livestock as a buffer against HIV and AIDS income shocks in the rural households of Zimbabwe
The objective of this study was to determine the extent to which households use livestock sales to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS income shocks. Using survey data from the Muzarabani and BinduraExpand
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The In Vitro Studies on the Effect of Aloe vera ( ( L . ) Webb . and Berth . ) and Aloe spicata ( L . f . ) on the Control of Coccidiosis in Chickens
An in vitro trial was undertaken to determine the effect of Aloe vera and Aloe spicata on the inhibition of the sporulation of avian coccidia oocysts. Petri dishes containing coccidia oocystsExpand
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Toxicity evaluation of the aqueous leaf extract of Gunnera perpensa L. (Gunneraceae)
The objective of the study was to determine the potential toxicity of Gunnera perpensa through acute, sub-acute and chronic toxicity tests. For each test, 25 rats distributed in 5 groups of 5 ratsExpand
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Anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities of the aqueous leaf extract of Agave sisalana in rats
Agave sisalana is gaining popularity in controlling gastro-intestinal parasites in chickens and treatment of local inflammatory conditions. However, little is known about its anti-inflammatory andExpand
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