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PredictSNP2: A Unified Platform for Accurately Evaluating SNP Effects by Exploiting the Different Characteristics of Variants in Distinct Genomic Regions
A user-friendly web interface was developed that provides easy access to the five tools’ predictions, and their consensus scores, in a user-understandable format tailored to the specific features of different categories of variations. Expand
HotSpot Wizard 2.0: automated design of site-specific mutations and smart libraries in protein engineering
Overall, HotSpot Wizard provides comprehensive annotations of protein structures and assists protein engineers with the rational design of site-specific mutations and focused libraries. Expand
Pea leaf rolling mosaic virus and its properties.
Isoelectric points of red clover necrotic mosaic virus serotypes.
Isoelectric focusing in agarose gel was used to determine the isoelectric points of red clover necrotic mosaic virus serotypes, which were in the pH ranges from 5.03-5.06 and 4.62, respectively. Expand
FireProtDB: database of manually curated protein stability data
A novel database of experimental thermostability data for single-point mutants FireProtDB is presented, designed to facilitate both types of the expected use: the interactive explorations of individual entries on the level of a protein or mutation and the construction of highly customized and machine learning-friendly datasets using advanced searching and filtering. Expand
FireProt: web server for automated design of thermostable proteins
FireProt is a web server for the automated design of multiple-point thermostable mutant proteins that combines structural and evolutionary information in its calculation core and is complemented with interactive, easy-to-use interface that allows users to directly analyze and optionally modify designed thermostably mutants. Expand
Computational Design of Stable and Soluble Biocatalysts
Natural enzymes are delicate biomolecules possessing only marginal thermodynamic stability. Poorly stable, misfolded, and aggregated proteins lead to huge economic losses in the biotechnology andExpand
Discrimination between local microearthquakes and quarry blasts by multi-layer perceptrons and Kohonen maps
The results of the application of artificial neural nets (ANNs) to discriminating microearthquakes from quarry and mining blasts in the West Bohemia earthquake swarm region are presented andExpand