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Dynamics of Nitrate Reductase Activity in Two Intertidal Algae under Desiccation
Fronds of Ulva lactuca and Padina tetrastromatica were collected from the upper, middle, and lower littoral regions of the intertidal belt at Veraval (India), and their nitrate reductase activityExpand
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Ecological studies on Ulva lactuca L. from Veraval, India
Ulva lactuca L., at Veraval (20° 54′N and 70° 22′E) on the western coast of India, grows in the intertidal belt from June to late February. During the summer months of March, April and May, theExpand
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Eco-Biochemical Studies on Some Economically Important Intertidal Algae from Port Okha (India)
An attempt is made to study the biochemical contents of Ulva lactuca, Gelidiella acerosa and Sargassum swartzii and to correlate the same with ecological factors of the marine environment. There is aExpand
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Estimation of net primary productivity of intertidal seaweeds — limitations and latent problems
Abstract Estimation of net primary production (NPP) of intertidal seaweeds by the harvest method is beset with a number of problems, prominent among which is the lack of a method to quantifyExpand
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Peroxidase Activity in Ulva lactuca under Desiccation
Cytoplasmic peroxidase activity in the fronds of Ulva lactuca, collected from different tidal levels (upper, middle and lower regions of the intertidal), was measured at different levels ofExpand
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Ecological Studies on Some Agarophytes from Veraval Coast (India) I. Effects of Aerial Conditions on the Biomass Dynamics
Les resultats des effets de la temperature de l'air, de l'humidite relative et de la vitesse du vent sur la biomasse des trois agarophytes suivants: Gracilaria corticata, Gelidium pusillum et HypneaExpand
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Some ecological observations on two agarophytes from India
The responses of Gracilaria corticata and Gelidiopsis gracilis (agarophytes) to different concentrations of sea water, pH range and lights of different colours have been studied to understand theExpand
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