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Diarrhetic shellfish toxins
Abstract As the causative agents of a new type of shellfish poisoning, named diarrhetic shellfish poisoning, okadaic acid, 35(S)-methylokadaic acid, 7-O-acyl derivatives of 35(S)-methylokadaic acid,Expand
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Diarrhetic Shellfish Poisoning
What is Diarrhetic Shellfish Poisoning (DSP)? DSP is caused by certain toxins produced by marine organisms. These organisms, in large concentration, are often referred to as “harmful algal blooms”Expand
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Isolation and structure of yessotoxin, a novel polyether compound implicated in diarrhetic shellfish poisoning
Abstract A novel polyether toxin, yessotoxin, was isolated from scallops implicated in diarrhetic shellfish poisoning, and its planar structure 1 was proposed by means of modern NMR techniques.
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Structures and Configurations of Ciguatoxin from the Moray Eel Gymnothorax javanicus and Its Likely Precursor from the Dinoflagellate Gambierdiscus toxicus
Ciguatoxin (CTX) is the toxic principle of ciguatera, which is responsible for the most widespread food poisoning of nonbacterial origin. The toxin, isolated from the moray eel Gymnothorax javanicus,Expand
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Isolation and structural elucidation of the causative toxin of the diarrhetic shellfish poisoning.
The major toxin involved in the diarrhetic shellfish poisoning was isolated from the hepatopancreas of the mussel Mytilus edulis and was named dinophysistoxin-1. It was obtained as a colorless solid:Expand
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A three-dimensional movie of structural changes in bacteriorhodopsin
Snapshots of bacteriorhodopsin Bacteriorhodopsin is a membrane protein that harvests the energy content from light to transport protons out of the cell against a transmembrane potential. Nango et al.Expand
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Grease matrix as a versatile carrier of proteins for serial crystallography
Serial femtosecond X-ray crystallography (SFX) has revolutionized atomic-resolution structural investigation by expanding applicability to micrometer-sized protein crystals, even at room temperature,Expand
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Stereochemical Determination of Acyclic Structures Based on Carbon-Proton Spin-Coupling Constants. A Method of Configuration Analysis for Natural Products.
A method for elucidating the relative configuration of acyclic organic compounds was developed on the basis of carbon-proton spin-coupling constants ((2,3)J(C,H)) and interproton spin-couplingExpand
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Okadaic Acid as the Causative Toxin of Diarrhetic Shellfish Poisoning in Europe
The toxic principle in mussels collected in France, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Spain that caused diarrhetic shellfish poisoning was identified to be okadaic acid by its chromatographic propertiesExpand
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Structures of ciguatoxin and its congener
Etude de la structure moleculaire (forme plane) par spectrometrie RMN d'une toxine extrait d'anguille (Gymnothorax javanicus)
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