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Indoor Localization System using RSSI Measurement of Wireless Sensor Network based on ZigBee Standard
To verify the validity of our previously reported autonomous indoor localization system in an actual environment, we implemented it in a wireless sensor network based on the ZigBee standard. TheExpand
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Performance of alternate routing methods in all-optical switching networks
We study routing methods in all-optical switching networks. In all-optical switching networks, the connection with more hops encounters more call blocking, and it is especially true in opticalExpand
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Challenging issues in visual sensor networks
Wireless sensor networks are an important research area that has attracted considerable attention. Most of this attention, however, has been concentrated on WSNs that collect scalar data such asExpand
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Fairness and stability of congestion control mechanisms of TCP
In this paper, we focus on fairness and stability of the congestion control mechanisms adopted in several versions of TCP by investigating their time–transient behaviors through an analytic approach.Expand
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Rate-based congestion control for ATM networks
Congestion control plays an important role in the effective and stable operation of ATM networks. This paper first gives a historical overview of rate-based congestion control algorithms developed inExpand
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Analysis and improvement of fairness between TCP Reno and Vegas for deployment of TCP Vegas to the Internet
According to past research, a TCP Vegas version is able to achieve higher throughput than TCP Tahoe and Reno versions, which are widely used in the current Internet. However we need to consider aExpand
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High-speed buffer management for 40 gb/s-based photonic packet switches
  • H. Harai, M. Murata
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking
  • 1 February 2006
We develop a method of high-speed buffer management for output-buffered photonic packet switches. The use of optical fiber delay lines is a promising solution to constructing optical buffers. TheExpand
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Performance Improvement by Packet Buffering in Mobile IP Based Networks
SUMMARY It is well-known that TCP often experiences severe performance degradation in mobile networks since packet losses not related to network congestion occur frequently due to host mobility. InExpand
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Adaptive playout buffer algorithm for enhancing perceived quality of streaming applications
End-to-end packet delay is an important performance parameter on the Internet, because it heavily affects the quality of real-time applications. Currently, however, because the packet transmissionExpand
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WSN17-3: Self-Adaptive Ad-Hoc/Sensor Network Routing with Attractor-Selection
In this paper we propose MARAS, a biologically-inspired method for routing in a mobile ad-hoc/sensor network environment. We assume that all nodes have no explicit knowledge of the network topology,Expand
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