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Participatory design: the third space in HCI
2 Introduction: Just Add Users and Stir? 3 Major Bibliographic Sources for Participatory Design 8 Conference Series 8 Books 10 Journals 11 Websites 11 Hybridity and the Third Space 11 Hybridity andExpand
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Motivations for social networking at work
The introduction of a social networking site inside of a large enterprise enables a new method of communication between colleagues, encouraging both personal and professional sharing inside the protected walls of a company intranet. Expand
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Make new friends, but keep the old: recommending people on social networking sites
This paper studies people recommendations designed to help users find known, offline contacts and discover new friends on social networking sites. Expand
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Getting our head in the clouds: toward evaluation studies of tagclouds
We propose a paradigm for evaluating tagclouds and ultimately guidelines for tagcloud construction. Expand
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Participatory Practices in the Software Lifecycle
Methods, techniques, and procedures that can be used for participatory work in software lifecycle activities . Expand
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PICTIVE—an exploration in participatory design
  • M. Muller
  • Computer Science
  • CHI '91
  • 27 April 1991
This paper describes PICTIVE, an experimental participatory design technique that is intended to enhance user participation in the design process by combining low-tech objects with high(er)-tech video recording. Expand
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Next steps for value sensitive design
We address these issues by suggesting four topics for next steps in the evolution of VSD: (1) tempering VSD's position on universal values; (2) contextualizing existing and future lists of values that are presented as heuristics for consideration; (3) strengthening the voice of the participants in publications describing VSD investigations; and (4) making clearer the voice. Expand
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Participatory design
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Understanding the benefit and costs of communities of practice
Promoting healthy collaboration in communities of practice takes management support at all levels. Expand
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Methods & tools: participatory heuristic evaluation
Participatory heuristic evaluation (PHE) is a participatory inspection technique that is derived from Nielsen's heuristic Evaluation (HE) [10]. Expand
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