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Seasonal and spatial dynamics of gas ebullition in a temperate water‐storage reservoir
Gas ebullition of river impoundments plays an increasingly significant role, particularly in transporting methane CH4 from their sediments to the atmosphere, and contributing to the global carbonExpand
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To migrate, or not to migrate: partial diel horizontal migration of fish in a temperate freshwater reservoir
The diel horizontal migration (DHM) of fish between the inshore and offshore zones of the Římov Reservoir (Czech Republic, deep, stratified, meso-eutrophic) was investigated by a combination ofExpand
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Development of coloration patterns in Neotropical cichlids (Perciformes: Cichlidae: Cichlasomatinae)
Interest in ratites has necessitated a review of available information on the unique endangered kiwi (Apteryx spp.). Five different species of kiwis, endemic to the three islands of New Zealand, areExpand
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Littoral age 0+ fish distribution in relation to multi-scale spatial heterogeneity of a deep-valley reservoir
Littoral age 0+ fish were studied with respect to spatio-temporal heterogeneity in the deep-valley Římov Reservoir (Czech Republic) from June to October 2007 using point abundance sampling byExpand
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Fish community response to the longitudinal environmental gradient in Czech deep-valley reservoirs: Implications for ecological monitoring and management
Abstract Ecological quality assessment of non-natural water bodies is, in contrast to natural systems, less developed and requires determining biological indicators that reliably reflectExpand
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Two step estimation for Neyman-Scott point process with inhomogeneous cluster centers
This paper is concerned with parameter estimation for the Neyman-Scott point process with inhomogeneous cluster centers. Expand
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A novel upward-looking hydroacoustic method for improving pelagic fish surveys
For ethical reasons and animal welfare, it is becoming increasingly more important to carry out ecological surveys with a non-invasive approach. Information about fish distribution and abundance inExpand
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Surface-induced errors in target strength and position estimates during horizontal acoustic surveys.
Abstract Horizontally-aligned, fixed and mobile, transducers are routinely deployed at depths of 0.5–0.75 m to survey the surface layer of waterbodies for fish. However, simulations and measurementsExpand
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Fish activity as determined by gillnet catch: A comparison of two reservoirs of different turbidity
Abstract Fish activity was monitored analyzing the catches of gillnets exposed for short time intervals at night. Experiments were done in two Central European reservoirs with different turbidity andExpand
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Development of non-lethal monitoring of stable isotopes in asp (Leuciscus aspius): a comparison of muscle, fin and scale tissues
We explored whether fin clips and scales can be used as potential non-lethal alternatives to muscle tissue for examining the isotopic composition of asp Leuciscus aspius, a locally threatenedExpand
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