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Gill ultrastructure and symbiotic bacteria in Codakia orbicularis (Bivalvia, Lucinidae)
SummaryThe cellular organization of the gill, which harbors symbiotic bacteria, is described in juveniles and adults of Codakia orbicularis, a large tropical Lucinidae. The ciliary zone is similar inExpand
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Gill structure in Lucina pectinata (Bivalvia: Lucinidae) with reference to hemoglobin in bivalves with symbiotic sulphur-oxidizing bacteria
Lucina pectinata is a large tropical Lucinidae which is characterized by abundant tissue hemoglobin in its deep-red gills. In the present paper, hemoglobin is described as being located inExpand
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Environmental transmission of a sulfur-oxidizing bacterial gill endosymbiont in the tropical lucinid bivalve Codakia orbicularis.
Codakia orbicularis is a large tropical member of the bivalve mollusk family Lucinidae which inhabits shallow-water sea-grass beds (Thalassia testudinum environment) and harbors sulfur-oxidixingExpand
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