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Defective serum gamma globulin formation.
Excerpt The anomaly called agammaglobulinemia has become a fairly well known clinical entity, although prior to Bruton's report1in 1952 it had never been described. The subject of his study was an ...
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Tissue Clearance as a Measure of Nutritive Blood Flow and the Effect of Lumbar Sympathetic Block upon Such Measures in Calf Muscle
This paper reports the effect of procedures known to alter local blood flow upon the rate of removal of locally injected Na24 and I131. An evaluation of this clearance method as a measure ofExpand
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Effect of X-Ray on Radioactive Phosphorus Turnover and Oxygen Consumption of Brain.∗ †
Conclusion irradiation with 500 to 800 r of X-rays did not impair the ability of adult mouse brain tissue to metabolize exogenous radiophosphate and did not alter the Qo2 of the minced tissue. DosesExpand
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Stability of phospholipid binding in human serum lipoproteins.
The specific activity of lipid phosphorus in both α- and β-lipoproteins obtained from labeled human serum by electrophoresis and ultracentrifugation was the same within experimental error. ThisExpand
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Independence of capillary filtration and tissue clearance.
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Thyroid uptake measured one hour after small oral doses of radioiodine.
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The direct antithyroid action of reserpine, chlorpromazine and other drugs.
Several compounds of medical or physiological interest were screened for direct antithyroid activity, by employing the thyroid slice-I131 technique. The following were found to be relatively stronglyExpand
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A new assay for thyrotropic hormone based upon thyroidal phospholipid turnover in vitro.
THE assay of protein hormones still presents many problems. Most biological assay procedures are slow and inaccurate and require large numbers of animals. In vitro tests using tissues obtainable fromExpand
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Brain and liver phosphorus metabolism in the acute irradiation syndrome.
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