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Optimal operation of simulated moving bed units for nonlinear chromatographic separations
The simulated moving bed (SMB) technology is receiving more and more attention as a convenient technique for the production scale continuous chromatographic separation of fine chemicals.Expand
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Parametric sensitivity in chemical systems
Preface 1. Introduction 2. Introduction to sensitivity analysis 3. Thermal explosion in batch reactors 4. Runaway in tubular reactors 5. Parametric sensitivity in continuous-flow stirred tankExpand
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A Model Relating Structure of Colloidal Gels to Their Elastic Properties
A scaling model relating the microscopic structure parameters of colloidal gels to their macroscopic elastic properties is proposed. This model allows one to estimate the fractal dimension in anyExpand
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A simple model for the structure of fractal aggregates.
Structural properties of small aggregates containing up to 100 particles have been studied through detailed Monte Carlo cluster-cluster aggregation simulations in both diffusion-limited andExpand
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Hydrodynamic radius of fractal clusters.
The Kirkwood-Riseman theory has been used to derive an analytical formula for the evaluation of the hydrodynamic radii of fractal clusters. The proposed relation is based on knowledge of theExpand
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Sorption and swelling of semicrystalline polymers in supercritical CO2
The equilibrium sorption and swelling behavior of four different polymers—poly(methyl methacrylate), poly(tetrafluoroethylene), poly(vinylidene fluoride), and the random copolymerExpand
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Robust design of binary countercurrent adsorption separation processes
The separation of a binary mixture, using a third component having intermediate adsorptivity as desorbent, in a four section countercurrent adsorption separation unit is considered. A procedure forExpand
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Induction of mammalian cell death by simple shear and extensional flows
In this work we investigated whether the type of shear flow, to which cells are exposed, influences the initiation of cell death. It is shown that mammalian cells, indeed, distinguish betweenExpand
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Process for protein PEGylation.
PEGylation is a versatile drug delivery technique that presents a particularly wide range of conjugation chemistry and polymer structure. The conjugated protein can be tuned to specifically meet theExpand
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A continuous multicolumn countercurrent solvent gradient purification (MCSGP) process
Biomolecules are often purified via solvent gradient batch chromatography. Typically suitable smooth linear solvent gradients are applied to obtain the separation between the desired component andExpand
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