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An observational study of child safety seat use in an international safe community: Tehran, Iran
ABSTRACT Objective: Despite strong evidence of the effectiveness of child safety seats in reducing injuries, the use of these devices in some communities is still rare. The purpose of this study wasExpand
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Taxonomic evaluation of the bent-winged bat (Miniopterus) populations occurring in Iran inferred from mitochondrial cytochrome-b sequences
Abstract We studied the genetic differentiation and taxonomy of the bent-wing bat (Miniopterus) populations occurring in Iran by analyzing the mitochondrial cytochrome-b (687 bp) sequences. MolecularExpand
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Design and analysis of an optical full-adder based on nonlinear photonic crystal ring resonators
Abstract In this paper, first we have used a photonic crystal ring resonator in a two-dimensional structure composed of GaAs rods for designing a channel drop filter (CDF). Then the CDF is used toExpand
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Determinants of child safety seat use among parents in an International Safe Community, Tehran, Iran
Abstract Objective: Road traffic accidents are a global issue and serious threat for public health. Children are at high risk of serious injury or death from motor vehicle crashes. Child safety seatsExpand
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Design of all-optical XOR and XNOR logic gates based on Fano resonance in plasmonic ring resonators
In this paper, compact all-optical XOR and XNOR gates based on different configurations of metal–insulator–metal plasmonic ring resonators (PRRs) have been proposed. Square and octagon-shaped ringsExpand
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