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Comparative Toxicity of Chlordane, Chlorpyrifos, and Aldicarb to Four Aquatic Testing Organisms
Abstract. Laboratory toxicity data contrasting responses of aquatic organisms to insecticides are important for focusing on sensitive species (steepest exposure-response slope) exposed to aqueousExpand
Constructed wetlands for mitigation of atrazine-associated agricultural runoff.
Atrazine was amended into constructed wetlands (59-73x14x0.3 m) for the purpose of monitoring transport and fate of the pesticide to obtain information necessary to provide future design parametersExpand
Hydrological variability and agricultural drainage ditch inorganic nitrogen reduction capacity.
The application of inorganic nitrogen fertilizers on agricultural landscapes has the potential to generate concerns of environmental degradation at fine to coarse scales across the catchment andExpand
Vegetative and structural characteristics of agricultural drainages in the Mississippi Delta landscapes.
Agricultural drainage ditches in the Mississippi Alluvial Delta landscape vary from edge-of-field waterways to sizeable drainages. Ditch attributes vary with size, location and maintenance and mayExpand
Plant senescence: a mechanism for nutrient release in temperate agricultural wetlands.
The beneficial uptake of nutrients by wetland plants is countered to some extent by nutrient release back into the aquatic environment due to vegetative die-back. This current study examined whetherExpand
A preliminary study of an alternative controlled drainage strategy in surface drainage ditches: Low-grade weirs
This study examined hydrological characteristics of low-grade weirs, an alternative controlled drainage strategy in surface drainage ditches. Chemographs of vegetated and clear scraped (control)Expand
Mitigation of chlorpyrifos runoff using constructed wetlands.
Constructed wetlands have been proposed as a potential best management practice (BMP) to mitigate effects of pesticide-associated agricultural runoff. Wetland mesocosms (14 m x 59-73 m) were amendedExpand
Method for the Simultaneous Extraction and Analysis of Two Current Use Pesticides, Atrazine and Lambda-Cyhalothrin, in Sediment and Aquatic Plants
It has been estimated that 375,000 tons of pesticides are used for agriculture annually in the Midwest area of the United States, where approximately 65% of this total is used for production of cornExpand
Innovative uses of vegetated drainage ditches for reducing agricultural runoff.
Vegetated agricultural ditches play an important role in mitigation of pesticides following irrigation and storm runoff events. In a simulated runoff event in the Mississippi (USA) Delta, theExpand
Nutrient mitigation capacity in Mississippi Delta, USA drainage ditches.
Eutrophication and hypoxia within aquatic systems are a serious international concern. Various management practices have been proposed to help alleviate nutrient loads transported to the Gulf ofExpand