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On kinship structure, female autonomy, and demographic behavior in India.
The main states of India are broadly grouped into 2 demographic regimes. In contrast to states in the north southern states are characterized by lower marital fertility later age at marriage lowerExpand
Institutionalised Co-production: Unorthodox Public Service Delivery in Challenging Environments
In developing countries in particular, services are often delivered through unorthodox organisational arrangements that cannot simply be dismissed as relics of ‘traditional’ institutions, or asExpand
Proliferation and fragmentation: Transactions costs and the value of aid
Abstract The problem of the proliferation of the number of aid donors and aid channels continues to worsen. It is widely and plausibly believed that this significantly reduces the value of aid byExpand
Revenues, State Formation, and the Quality of Governance in Developing Countries
Sources of state revenue have a major impact on patterns of state formation. This proposition from fiscal sociologyis valid and convincing in the context of western European history and comparisonsExpand
Political Underdevelopment: What causes ‘bad governance’
The states of the ‘South’, although diverse, tend to be underdeveloped in the political sense: neither authoritative and effective nor legitimate and accountable to citizens. The conventionalExpand
Taxation and State-Building in Developing Countries: Capacity and Consent
1. Introduction: taxation and state-building in developing countries Deborah Brautigam 2. Between coercion and contract: competing narratives on taxation and governance Mick Moore 3. Capacity,Expand
Empowerment at last
The World Bank and other international development agencies have declared empowerment to be central to their anti-poverty programmes. They are vague over meaning, and may be using the term partly toExpand
How Does Taxation Affect the Quality of Governance
There are clear connections between how states obtain revenue, and the quality of their governance. If governments are not dependent on taxes for their fi nance, they are less accountable andExpand
Obstacles to Increasing Tax Revenues in Low Income Countries
This paper is focused on the question: why do the governments of low income countries not raise more tax revenues? Two different but complementary approaches are used to answer it. The first approachExpand