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Fretting corrosion tests on orthopedic plates and screws made of ASTM F138 stainless steel
We correlate the surface finish characteristics of bone plate-screw systems with fretting corrosion and demonstrate its influence on the structural integrity of osteosynthesis implants. Expand
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Characterization of the fretting corrosion behavior, surface and debris from head-taper interface of two different modular hip prostheses.
Modular hip prostheses are flexible to match anatomical variations and to optimize mechanical and tribological properties of each part by using different materials. However, micromotions associatedExpand
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Corrosion resistance of a steel under an oxidizing atmosphere in a fluid catalytic cracking regenerator
In the present work, the corrosion resistance of an ASTM A 387 G11 steel was evaluated under two conditions: an oxidizing atmosphere in a fluid catalytic cracking regenerator of a petroleumExpand
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A computational thermodynamics model of submerged arc electric furnace ferromanganese smelting
Abstract Most manganese used in the world is consumed as ferroalloys by the steelmaking industry. Submerged arc electric furnace smelting using the manganese-rich slag method is widely used toExpand
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Arc Stability Indexes Evaluation on Underwater Wet Welding
Underwater wet welding (UWW) with shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) is employed basically in repairs of offshore structures, including platforms, ships and others. The main problems of this type ofExpand
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Evaluation of the Corrosion Resistance of Thermal-Spray Coatings Under Oxidant Atmosphere in a Fluid Catalytic-Cracking Unit
The effectiveness of several thermal-spray coatings for improving the corrosion resistance of a low-alloy steel was evaluated at 650°C under two conditions: an oxidizing atmosphere in a fluidExpand
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Evaluation and Development of Electrodes for Wet Welding of Structural Ship Steels
To better understand the behavior of some commercial wet welding electrodes down to 20 m equivalent water depth as well as to develop a new electrode, a research program was initiated in 2007. ThisExpand
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