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The dynamics and simulation of tropical cumulonimbus and squall lines
Techniques of theoretical analysis and numerical simulation are combined to produce a dynamical model of tropical cumulonimbus convection which features a close cooperation between the updraught andExpand
Organized convective systems : archetypal dynamical models, mass and momentum flux theory, and parametrization
A dynamical basis is established for understanding the structure and transport properties of organized convection and for expediting its parametrization in large-scale models. A two-dimensional modelExpand
Cloud-Resolving Modeling of Tropical Cloud Systems during Phase III of GATE. Part I: Two-Dimensional Experiments.
Abstract A formal framework is established for the way in which cloud-resolving numerical models are used to investigate the role of precipitating cloud systems in climate and weather forecastingExpand
Cloud-resolving modeling of cloud systems during Phase III of GATE. Part II: Effects of resolution and the third spatial dimension
Abstract Two- and three-dimensional simulations of cloud systems for the period of 1–7 September 1974 in phase III of the Global Atmospheric Research Programme (GARP) Atlantic Tropical ExperimentExpand
The Effect of Large-Scale Convergence on the Generation and Maintenance of Deep Moist Convection
Abstract The effect of large-scale convergence on the generation and maintenance of deep moist convection is examined with a numerical cloud model. The term large-scale is defused as a scale an orderExpand
Simulation of a Himalayan cloudburst event
Intense rainfall often leads to floods and landslides in the Himalayan region even with rainfall amounts that are considered comparatively moderate over the plains; for example, ‘cloudbursts’, whichExpand
The propagation and transfer properties of steady convective overturning in shear
A conservative quantity is found as an integral of a component of the vorticity equation and used to formulate a non-linear theory of steady, two-dimensional convection in shear. The steering-levelExpand
MJO Simulation Diagnostics
The Madden–Julian oscillation (MJO) interacts with and influences a wide range of weather and climate phenomena (e.g., monsoons, ENSO, tropical storms, midlatitude weather), and represents anExpand
Analytic representation of the large-scale organization of tropical convection
The pivotal role of mesoscale organization on the large-scale coherence of tropical convection is represented by a nonlinear dynamical model. The general model consists of two interlocked systems: aExpand
Two‐dimensional convection in non‐constant shear: A model of mid‐latitude squall lines
Numerical simulations of two-dimensional deep convection are analysed using analytical models extended to include shallow downdraughts and non-constant shear. The cumulonimbus are initiated byExpand