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A rejection of humanism in African moral tradition
In this article, I motivate for the view that the best account of the foundations of morality in the African tradition should be grounded on some relevant spiritual property - a view that I callExpand
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An African Philosophy of Personhood, Morality, and Politics
1: Introduction -- 2: A Conceptual Mapping of Personhood -- 3: An Exposition of Personhood as Moral Theory -- 4: Personhood: Partiality or Impartiality -- 5: Personhood and Options in African MoralExpand
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A critique of Thad Metz’s African theory of moral status
Thad Metz defends what he considers to be a novel theory of moral status, i.e. an account about what beings are owed direct duties in virtue of their moral significance. Metz claims that his accountExpand
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Personhood and (Rectification) Justice in African Thought
ABSTRACT This article invokes the idea of personhood (which it takes to be at the heart of Afro-communitarian morality) to give an account of corrective/rectification justice. The idea ofExpand
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African ethics and partiality
This article explores the question whether African ethics is best captured in terms of partiality or impartiality. I take one influential instance of a defence of impartiality in the AfricanExpand
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A report on ubuntu by Leonhard Praeg
Praeg, Leonhard. (2014). A report on ubuntu. Pietermaritzburg: University of Kwazulu-Natal Press, 320 pages; ISBN 9781869142568
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