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Management innovation
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The sources of management innovation: When firms introduce new management practices
Management innovation is the introduction of management practices new to the firm and intended to enhance firm performance. Building on the organizational reference group literature, this articleExpand
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Does being R&D intensive still discourage outsourcing?: Evidence from Dutch manufacturing
Being R&D intensive has traditionally been seen as an impediment to outsourcing. This study confirms that empirically this was the case for a set of manufacturing industries in The Netherlands in theExpand
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How management innovation happens
Despite the importance of management innovation, it is poorly understood and usually not systematically fostered. To research the process, the authors first conducted an historical analysis of moreExpand
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The antecedents and innovation effects of domestic and offshore R&D outsourcing : the contingent impact of cognitive distance and absorptive capacity
This paper analyzes differences in the antecedents and performance consequences of domestic and offshore R&D outsourcing. Offshore outsourcing is characterized by larger cognitive distance. We findExpand
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Antecedents and performance consequences of international outsourcing
The outsourcing of intermediate products to international suppliers is believed to improve firm performance. We investigate this claim and test key dimensions of the decision to outsourceExpand
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Outsourcing: Design, Process and Performance
  • M. Mol
  • Business
  • 6 September 2007
Figures Tables Acknowledgements 1. Outsourcing 2. What we know about outsourcing 3. A new perspective 4. The outsourcing process 5. Shifting the curve 6. Shifts of the curve 7. Managing outsourcingExpand
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Outsourcing, performance, and the role of e-commerce : a dynamic perspective
In a highly competitive global environment, many manufacturers respond by setting up outsourcing relations for components and finished products with lower-cost producers on a contractual OEMExpand
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An evolutionary stage model of outsourcing and competence destruction: A Triad comparison of the consumer electronics industry
Abstract and Key Results•Outsourcing has gained much prominence in managerial practice and academic discussions in the last two decades or so. Yet, we still do not understand the full implications ofExpand
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The Role of External Involvement in the Creation of Management Innovations
There has recently been renewed scholarly interest in management innovating, the creation of new organizational practices, structures, processes and techniques. We suggest that external involvementExpand
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