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Dynamic key management in sensor networks
In this article we present a classification of key management schemes in sensor networks delineating their similarities and differences. Expand
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A study of static versus dynamic keying schemes in sensor networks
We propose an efficient dynamic key management scheme that uses key polynomials and is based on Exclusion Basis Systems (EBS); a combinatorial formulation of the group key management problem. Expand
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Toward Secure Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks: A Survey
We present VANETs' security problems and the current techniques for solving them. Expand
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TKGS: verifiable threshold-based key generation scheme in open wireless ad hoc networks
We propose TKGS; an efficient threshold-based key generation scheme for open WAHNs based on collaborative reconstruction of key-generation keys. Expand
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Dynamic combinatorial key management scheme for sensor networks
We propose a Dynamic Combinatorial Key management scheme, DCK, to provide efficient, scalable, and survivable dynamic keying in a clustered sensor network with a large number of sensor nodes. Expand
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A novel collusion-resilient architecture for secure group communication in wireless ad-hoc networks
In this paper, we propose a novel architecture for secure group communication in WAHNs with no network-level multicast support. Expand
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Policy-based Security Management for Enterprise Systems
We propose a policy-based security mechanism for sharing resources within an organization (e.g., coalitions). Expand
Exclusion Based VANETs (EBV)
We propose Exclusion-Based Vanet (EBV), a novel framework based on a combination of PKI and Exclusion Based Systems (EBS) to address the above issues. Expand
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