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Female Students’ Perceptions of Gender and Academic Achievement: A Case of Sixth Form Girls in Zimbabwean School
Abstract In this paper we report findings from a study that sought to explore girl students’ perceptions of gender and academic achievement in the Zimbabwean schools. The study adopted a qualitativeExpand
Girls' career choices as a product of a gendered school curriculum: the Zimbabwean example
The unequal distribution of boys and girls in certain subjects studied at school and its consequent unequal distribution of men and women in the occupational structure suggest some failure by schoolsExpand
‘I just do as expected’. Teachers’ implementation of Continuous Assessment and challenges to curriculum literacy
This paper reports on a study that clarifies the nature and scope of the challenges experienced by primary school teachers in Swaziland when using Continuous Assessment (CA) as a tool to improveExpand
An Evaluation of the Gender Sensitive Nature of Selected Textbooks in the Zimbabwean Secondary School Curriculum
Abstract The aim of the study was to evaluate the gender sensitivity and balance of selected textbooks in the Zimbabwean school curriculum. An evaluation instrument was designed to evaluate the booksExpand
“Who does this history curriculum want you to be?”: Representation, school history and curriculum in Zimbabwe.
This paper looks critically at representation in the history curriculum of Zimbabwe in relation to the production of subjectivity and identity that the government hopes will fulfil the quest forExpand
Factors Affecting Female Students’ Career Choices and Aspirations: A Zimbabwean Example
Abstract The study sought to investigate the factors affecting female students’ career choices and aspirations in selected Zimbabwean schools. The study adopted a qualitative approach and used focusExpand
Distance teacher education in South Africa: A critical analysis of pedagogical assumptions
Abstract Distance education has, historically, been advanced as a major means of upgrading the quality of African teachers in South Africa. There is, however, little knowledge of the quality ofExpand
The role of language within a varied and interdisciplinary Arts and Culture curriculum : meaning-making for Arts facilitators
This article investigates the role of language in an Arts and Culture curriculum and argues that since as much emphasis is placed on language in the curriculum as on creative work, a language ofExpand
Teaching in Zimbabwean Schools: An Exploration of the Manifestations of Gender Insensitivity in the Curriculum
A qualitative study on the impact of the school curricula on career aspirations and choices made by girls in a patriarchal society. Expand