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What Do Interlocks Do? An Analysis, Critique, and Assessment of Research on Interlocking Directorates
Research on interlocking directorates has gained increasing prominence within the field of organizations, but it has come under increasing criticism as well. This chapter presents an in-depthExpand
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The Social Construction of Organizational Knowledge: A Study of the Uses of Coercive, Mimetic, and Normative Isomorphism
Arguing that knowledge in the social sciences is socially constructed through the selective interpretation of major works, we examine the fate of a classic article in organizational theory, DiMaggioExpand
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Who Controls Whom? An Examination of the Relation Between Management and Boards of Directors in Large American Corporations
Most organization theorists believe that boards of directors in large American corporations are dominated by management. This paper argues that this view is based on a problematic definition ofExpand
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Bankers on the board and the debt ratio of firms
Abstract We investigate the impact that bankers on the board have upon a firm's debt ratio, debt to total capital, 1 year subsequent to their appointment. We find that the presence of lending bankersExpand
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The Money Center Cannot Hold: Commercial Banks in the U.S. System of Corporate Governance
This paper examines how the place of banks in the intercorporate network has changed as a result of their decreasing role as financial intermediaries in the U.S. economy. An analysis of comprehensiveExpand
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Cohesion, equivalence, and similarity of behavior: a theoretical and empirical assessment
Abstract Network analysts have debated the extent to which cohesion versus structural equivalence serves as a source of similar behavior among actors. More recently, role equivalence has emerged asExpand
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A Longitudinal Study of the Formation of Interlocking Directorates
An earlier version of this paper was presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association, New York, August 1986. Portions of this research were funded by a National ScienceExpand
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Análise de redes sociais: avanços recentes e controvérsias atuais
Network analysis has grown rapidly over the past two decades, but criticisms of the approach have increased as well. This article focuses on several accomplishments and unresolved problems of theExpand
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The Structure of Corporate Political Action: Interfirm Relations and Their Consequences.
The power of big business is one of the perennial issues in American political life. In this book Mark Mizruchi asks to what extent are large corporations unified politically - or, more precisely,Expand
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Suicidal behavior in adolescent psychiatric inpatients.
Abstract Factors associated with suicidal behavior were evaluated during an analysis of the records of 200 consecutively admitted adolescent psychiatric inpatients. Interrater reliability wasExpand
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