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Fast Correlation Attacks: An Algorithmic Point of View
In this paper, we present some major algorithmic improvements to fast correlation attacks. In previous articles about fast correlations, algorithmics never was the main topic. Instead, the authors ofExpand
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Une conception optimisée de chaufferies collectives résidentielles
La conception d'une production de chateur destinee a la fois au chauffage des locaux et a la production d'eau chaude sanitaire est fonction du rendement global annuel du generateur et du coutExpand
Boolean functions of n variables and permutations on
Abstract For each Boolean function in n variables, from the expression of the product of all its Walsh spectrum values derived in a precedent paper, we deduce a new characterization of the parity ofExpand
Minimal polynomial of Cayley graph adjacency matrix for Boolean functions
Abstract The subject of this paper is the algebraic study of the adjacency matrix of the Cayley graph of a Boolean function. From the characteristic polynomial of this adjacency matrix we deduce itsExpand
Theoretical upper bounds on the covering radii of Boolean functions
Abstract We prove new upper bounds for the covering radii ρ(n) and ρB (n) of the first order Reed-Muller code R(1, n). Although these bounds be actually theoretical, they improve the classicalExpand
Convolution and generalized difference sets
Abstract Using the convolution product of Boolean functions f and a new characterization of Boolean bent functions, some s-sum-sets in generalizing binary difference sets f − 1 (1) and f − 1 (0) areExpand
Book review: Lifting Titan's Veil (Lorenz & Mitton)
On the Walsh-Fourier analysis of Boolean functions
Abstract From the representation of Boolean functions based on the Cayley graph adjacency matrix, we evaluate, for each Boolean function, the product of all the values of his Walsh spectrum. AnExpand
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On Boolean bent functions
Abstract Using the convolution product of Boolean functions, some new characterizations of Boolean bent functions are proved.
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