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Determination of requirements on occupant behavior models for the use in building performance simulations
The following article illuminates existing challenges and restrictions when implementing available stochastic user behavior models in building performance simulation (BPS). 24 occupancy behaviorExpand
An FMI-enabled methodology for modular building performance simulation based on Semantic Web Technologies
This work presents a methodology that incorporates the Functional Mock-up Interface, Semantic Web Technologies and Building Information Modeling to realize a modular building performance simulation. Expand
Model Driven Engineering Methods for Integrated Building Performance Optimization
Tool interoperability is a vital technical requirement for any integrated building performance assessment in early building design stages. Architects and planners use tools with proprietary geometricExpand
A methodology for a scalable building performance simulation based on modular components
The thesis presents a methodology incorporating the concept of modularity to realize a scalable building performance simulation. Expand
Dynamic Simulation and Optimization of an Experimental Micro-CSP Power Plant
Small scale solar thermal systems are increasingly investigated in the context of decentralized energy supply, due to favorable costs of thermal energy storage (TES) in comparison with batteryExpand
Towards design tools for holistic assessment of indoor environmental quality
We present an approach for holistic indoor environmental quality (IEQ) assessment incorporating dynamic heat and moisture transport effects, indoor air flow and pollutant distribution. A common toolExpand
Semantics For Assembling Modular Network Topologies in FMI-Based Building Performance Simulation
As current literature states, the transfer of Building Performance Simulation (BPS) tools in terms of holistic assessment capabilities of today’s building systems as well as their transfer to theExpand
Semantics for assembling modular components in a scalable building performance simulation
This work investigates a scalable building performance simulation (BPS) based on a modular setup deploying the recently developed functional mock-up interface standard. Expand
The modularity offered by the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) allows straightforward model generation for single simulation modules. However, additional effort is required to organize theExpand