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The Skill Set for Success of New Business School Graduates: Do Prospective Employers and University Faculty Agree?
We surveyed prospective employers and university faculty on their perceptions of the skills and abilities business school graduates should possess to contribute effectively in the new century. Expand
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Consumer experience tourism and brand bonding
This paper reviews the growing use of manufacturing plant tours, company museums, and company visitor centers as strategic tools available to strengthen the bond between consumers and brands.Expand
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Project TENDR: Targeting Environmental Neuro-Developmental Risks The TENDR Consensus Statement
Summary: Children in America today are at an unacceptably high risk of developing neurodevelopmental disorders that affect the brain and nervous system including autism, attention deficitExpand
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Examining the Demographic Profiles of Thrift Store Donors and Thrift Store Shoppers
Thrift Stores can be viewed as conversion mechanisms; that is, they accept merchandise from DONORS and then re-sell the merchandise to BUYERS. These are often separate and distinct groups. TheExpand
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Showing Off What You Do (and How You Do It)
Abstract The purpose of this article is to evaluate the growing use of Consumer Experience Tourism as a strategic tool used to strengthen the bond between consumers and the brands they consume.Expand
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Adapting Internal Marketing to a Volunteer System
ABSTRACT This article investigates the appropriateness of utilizing internal marketing as a mechanism for developing successful volunteer programs within the not-for-profit sector. The connectionsExpand
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Environmental Justice and Health Effects of Urban Air Pollution.
PURPOSE Minority communities often bear the burden of "hosting" pollution sources. This report assesses whether there are any health effects from living near such pollution sources and whether healthExpand
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An empirical examination of the product elimination decision‐making processes in American and British manufacturing firms was presented. Specifically, two areas of the product eliminationExpand
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Solving the Reverse Logistics Problem: Applying the Symbiotic Logistics Concept
Logistics channels are usually designed to go one way—toward the customer. Expand
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Racism as a Motivator for Climate Justice
In the wake of the recent unjustifiable deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and several other African Americans at the hands of police, we have witnessed persistent and widespread protestsExpand
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