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Controlling wettability and hydrophobicity of organoclays modified with quaternary ammonium surfactants.
The montmorillonite clays were modified with quaternary ammonium salts (QASs) having different alkyl chain lengths and a benzyl substitute group. The modified organoclays were characterized byExpand
A study on deactivation and regeneration of titanium dioxide during photocatalytic degradation of phthalic acid
Abstract The cause of deactivation of Degussa P25 titanium dioxide (TiO2) during photocatalytic degradation of phthalic acid in aqueous medium was investigated. Various regeneration methods, such asExpand
Tuning mechanical properties of pharmaceutical crystals with multicomponent crystals: voriconazole as a case study.
Crystals of voriconazole, an antifungal drug, are soft in nature, and this is disadvantageous during compaction studies where pressure is applied on the solid. Crystal engineering is used to makeExpand
Solubility-Hardness Correlation in Molecular Crystals: Curcumin and Sulfathiazole Polymorphs
Curcumin and sulfathiazole exist as three and five polymorphs, respectively. We correlate solubility and mechanical properties in these polymorphic systems. It is seen that hardness (H) is inverselyExpand
Synthesis and characterization of fly ash supported sulfated zirconia catalyst for benzylation reactions
Abstract Synthesis of highly active nano-crystalline, thermally stabilized solid acid catalyst has been reported by loading different weight fractions of sulfated zirconia on chemically activated flyExpand
Designing elastic organic crystals: highly flexible polyhalogenated N-benzylideneanilines.
The intermolecular interactions and structural features in crystals of seven halogenated N-benzylideneanilines (Schiff bases), all of which exhibit remarkable flexibility, were examined to identifyExpand
Studying microstructure in molecular crystals with nanoindentation: intergrowth polymorphism in felodipine.
Intergrowth polymorphism refers to the existence of distinct structural domains within a single crystal of a compound. The phenomenon is exhibited by form II of the active pharmaceutical ingredientExpand
Single-Step Synthesis of Silver-Doped Titanium Dioxide: Influence of Silver on Structural, Textural, and Photocatalytic Properties
The silver-doped titanium dioxide (Ag–TiO2) photocatalysts with varied silver content ranging from 0.75 at % to 3.5 at % were synthesized by a single-step sol–gel method. The role of silver contentExpand
Synthesis of 7-substituted 4-methyl coumarins by Pechmann reaction using nano-crystalline sulfated-zirconia
The nano-crystalline sulfated-zirconia catalysts, prepared by one-step as well as two-step sol–gel technique, showed excellent catalytic activity with a high substrate to catalyst weight ratio forExpand
Solid solution hardening of molecular crystals: tautomeric polymorphs of omeprazole.
In the context of processing of molecular solids, especially pharmaceuticals, hardness is an important property that often determines the manufacturing steps employed. Through nanoindentation studiesExpand