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Introduction to Ergodic theory
Hyperbolic dynamics studies the iteration of maps on sets with some type of Lipschitz structure used to measure distance. In a hyperbolic system, some directions are uniformly contracted and othersExpand
Invariant and stationary measures for the action on Moduli space
We prove some ergodic-theoretic rigidity properties of the action of on moduli space. In particular, we show that any ergodic measure invariant under the action of the upper triangular subgroup of isExpand
The virtual university: Advantages and disadvantages
This paper tries to understand the concepts, characteristics and definition of a virtual university to find the strengths and weaknesses of virtual universities and realize the solutions for the weak points. Expand
Counting closed geodesics in strata
We compute the asymptotic growth rate of the number $$N({{\mathcal {C}}}, R)$$N(C,R) of closed geodesics of length $$\le R$$≤R in a connected component $${{\mathcal {C}}}$$C of a stratum of quadraticExpand
What is a work?
Requirements engineering (RE) builds a crucial part in software evolution. Nowadays, industries are more then ever facing the problem that the RE process is highly volatile due to the closeness toExpand
The Impact of Metacognitive Skills on Academic Achievement of Students in Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences
Background and purpose: Many authorities believe that university students face challenges in scientific reasoning. Metacognitive skills results in boosting and organized thinking in learning process.Expand
Mimicking heterogeneous diffusion with time dependent random diffusivity
A considerable number of systems have recently been reported in which Brownian yet non-Gaussian dynamics was observed. These are processes characterised by a linear growth in time of the mean squaredExpand
Let us imagine that we embarked in an attempt to understand the geometry of the universe. How would be proceed? A perhaps naive idea is as follows. Identify some small region in the universe we areExpand
Diophantine Equations An Introduction
This is a redaction of the Inaugural Lecture the author gave at the University of Hyderabad in January 2019 in honor of the late great Geometer (and Fields medalist) Maryam Mirzakhani. What isExpand
Solmu 3/2017
Ennen kilpailua viisi joukkueemme jäsentä osallistui nyt jo perinteeksi tulleeseen yhteispohjoismaiseen valmennusleiriin Sorøssä Tanskassa. Suomen valmentajien osalta opettamassa oli Joni Teräväinen.Expand