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Hybrid Force–Velocity Sliding Mode Control of a Prosthetic Hand
Experimental results indicate that the sliding mode controller with force, position, and velocity feedback is less prone to unwanted force overshoot when initially grasping objects than the other controllers.
Climbing the walls [robots]
Presents two underactuated kinematic designs for miniature climbing robots. They use suction. The underactuation is to save weight.
Design, implementation, and evaluation of an under-actuated miniature biped climbing robot
The design, implementation, and evaluation of a miniature biped robot for urban reconnaissance are presented and the smart robotic foot supports the robot on a variety of smooth surfaces and provides feedback when a firm grip is established.
An Avian-Inspired Passive Mechanism for Quadrotor Perching
Flying robots capable of perch-and-stare are desirable for reconnaissance missions. Inspired by an adaptation that enables songbirds to sleep in trees without active muscle control, the research
Curvature-Based Ground Vehicle Control of Trailer Path Following Considering Sideslip and Limited Steering Actuation
  • Zhe Leng, M. Minor
  • Engineering
    IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation…
  • 1 February 2017
A curvature-based control method capable of both forward and backward path following is developed for off-axle hitching trailers and is found that the two algorithms can directly work with other control methods and benefit their performance.
Simple motion planning strategies for spherobot: a spherical mobile robot
Mobile robots have been traditionally designed with wheels and few have explored designs with spherical exo-skeletons. A spherical mobile robot that offers to have a number of advantages, is proposed
Avian-inspired passive perching mechanism for robotic rotorcraft
The results demonstrate that passive perching can be achieved through the integration of underactuated gripping with mechanism-generated mechanical advantage.
Computer System for the Evaluation of Laparoscopic Skills
A computerized system for an objective evaluation, which can be integrated into any physical trainer at a low cost, is proposed.
Backstepping vehicle steering controller using integral and robust control based on dynamic state estimation
  • M. Xin, M. Minor
  • Engineering
    IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent…
  • 24 December 2012
An integral robust multi-tiered model-based vehicle steering control strategy is proposed in order to consider both kinematics and dynamics simultaneously, and to minimize steady-state errors caused by path curvature discontinuity.
Motion Planning for a Spherical Mobile Robot: Revisiting the Classical Ball-Plate Problem
This paper addresses the motion planning problem for the rolling sphere, often referred in the literature as the "ball-plate problem," and proposes two different algorithms for reconfiguration, based on simple geometry and the Gauss-Bonet theorem of parallel transport.