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Virtual Environment Interaction Techniques
  • M. Mine
  • Computer Science, Art
  • 4 May 1995
Before the can create virtual world solutions to real world problems the authors must learn how to interact with information and controls distributed about a user instead of concentrated in a window in front of him.
Moving objects in space: exploiting proprioception in virtual-environment interaction
A unified framework for virtual-environment interaction based on proprioception, a person's sense of the position and orientation of his body and limbs is presented, allowing a user to interact with a virtual world intuitively, efficiently, precisely, and lazily.
Image plane interaction techniques in 3D immersive environments
This paper presents a set of interaction techniques for use in headtracked immersive virtual environments that can be used for object selection, object manipulation, and user navigation in virtual environments.
Characterization of End-to-End Delays in Head-Mounted Display Systems
This work characterized the relative performance (in terms of measurement latency) of the various tracking technologies currently in use at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill (UNC-CH).
ISAAC: A Virtual Environment Tool for the Interactive Construction of Virtual Worlds
ISAAC is a scene composition application for the interactive construction of virtual worlds and has been designed to overcome some of the limitations of working in a virtual environment and to take advantage of the natural and intuitive forms of interaction available in avirtual world.
Working in a Virtual World: Interaction Techniques Used in the Chapel Hill Immersive Modeling Program
  • M. Mine
  • Computer Science
  • 21 June 1996
This paper presents a description of the interaction techniques used in the Chapel Hill Immersive Modeling Program (CHIMP). CHIMP is intended for the preliminary stages of architectural design. It is
The Panda3D Graphics Engine
Disney's VR Studio developed Panda3D, a graphics engine and programming environment, to be flexible enough to support everything from real-time graphics applications to the development of high-end
Exploiting Proprioception in Virtual-Environment Interaction
Manipulation in immersive virtual environments is difficult partly because users must do without the haptic contact with real objects they rely on in the real world to orient themselves and the
Projection-Based Augmented Reality in Disney Theme Parks
Walt Disney Imagineering and Disney Research Zürich are building a projector- camera toolbox to help create spatially augmented 3D objects and dynamic, interactive spaces that enhance the theme park
Making VR work: building a real-world immersive modeling application in the virtual world
This work presents an approach that combines the natural and intuitive power of VR interaction, the precision and control of 2D touch surfaces, and the richness of a commercial modeling package.