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Solvent system selection in counter-current chromatography using conductor-like screening model for real solvents.
The aim of this investigation was to minimize the experimental effort for solvent system selection in counter-current chromatography. The separation mechanism in counter-current chromatography isExpand
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A priori selection of the mobile and stationary phase in centrifugal partition chromatography and counter-current chromatography.
The selection of the mobile and the stationary phase in support-free liquid-liquid chromatography (centrifugal partition chromatography and counter-current chromatography) is equivalent to aExpand
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Simulated moving bed reactor for isomerization and separation of p-xylene
A novel simulated moving bed reactor (SMBR) application for p-xylene production, which combines xylene isomerization and selective adsorption operating in liquid phase, at temperatures between 453Expand
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Modeling and Simulation of a Simulated Moving Bed for the Separation of p-Xylene
The industrial-scale adsorptive separation of p-xylene from a mixture of C8 aromatics in a four-section simulated moving bed (SMB) unit is analyzed through simulation. In the order to describe theExpand
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Separation of synthetic vanillin at different pH onto polymeric adsorbent Sephabeads SP206
Abstract Adsorption of synthetic vanillin onto non-ionic polymeric resins Sephabeads SP206 by using static and dynamic approach has been investigated. The influence of temperature, flow rate, feedExpand
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Separation/isomerization of xylenes by simulated moving bed technology
Tese de doutoramento. Engenharia Quimica. 2004. Faculdade de Engenharia. Universidade do Porto
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Hydrodynamic impact of particle shape in slurry packed liquid chromatography columns.
We report on a series of flow velocity and efficiency profiles, which were measured across the cross section of preparative chromatographic columns packed with different stationary phase materialsExpand
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Understanding and revamping of industrial scale SMB units for p-xylene separation
One of the first applications of Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) technology was in p-xylene recovery from mixed xylenes. The three main industrial processes for p-xylene separation from mixed xylenesExpand
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Model-based design of a pilot-scale simulated moving bed for purification of citric acid from fermentation broth.
One of the conventional processes used for the recovery of citric acid from its fermentation broth is environmentally harmful and cost intensive. In this work an innovative benign process, whichExpand
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Comparative Study of Zn2+, Cd2+, and Pb2+ Removal From Water Solution Using Natural Clinoptilolitic Zeolite and Commercial Granulated Activated Carbon. Equilibrium of Adsorption
Abstract The aim of this work is to study the effectiveness of regional, low-cost natural clinoptilolitic zeolite tuff in heavy metal ions removal from aqueous solution, through comparative studyExpand
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