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An Introduction to Islamic Archaeology
Acknowledgements Notes on transliteration and dating List of abbreviations List of figures 1 Introduction 2 Early Islam and late antiquity 3 New directions in the early Islamic period 4 The
Crafts and industry
The fortress of the raven
Textual and archaeological sources are employed to reconstruct the history of Karak in Jordan, 1100-1650 CE. The book establishes the ways in which the construction of a major castle at Karak
Pottery of Bilad al-Sham in the Ottoman Period: a Review of the Published Archaeological Evidence
Abstract This paper reviews the present state of knowledge concerning the pottery of Bilad al-Sham during the late-Mamluk and Ottoman periods. Dating evidence in published excavations is considered
Pottery in the written sources of the Ayyubid-Mamluk period (c. 567–923/1171–1517)
  • M. Milwright
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    Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African…
  • 1 October 1999
Vast quantities of ceramic shards of the Ayyubid-Mamluk period have been recovered from excavations of major urban sites such as Fusṭāṭ and Ḥamā, as well as from numerous smaller settlements in the
An Arabic Description of the Activities of Antique Dealers in Late Ottoman Damascus
Abstract This article presents an analysis of a chapter in an Arabic dictionary of the crafts of Damascus (Qamus al-Sina'at al-Shamiyya) detailing the activities of antiquities dealers. Written
Cet article presente des indications textuelles et archeologiques concernant l'importation de poteries a glacure dans le Bilad al-Sham (Grande Syrie) du XVIII e au debut du XX e siecle. L'etude de la