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Analytical techniques for trace element analysis: an overview
Techniques for the analysis of trace elements have developed rapidly in response to the increasing need for accurate measurements at extremely low amount of contents in diverse matrices. We reviewExpand
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Volatile Organic Compounds in the Global Atmosphere
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) include saturated, unsaturated, and other substituted hydrocarbons. VOCs play an important role in the chemistry of the atmosphere by influencing ozone and hydroxylExpand
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Comparison of methods for the measurement of hydrocarbon dew point of natural gas.
Measurement of the hydrocarbon dew point of natural gas is crucial when determining whether gas can be transported safely through national and international pipeline networks. This report summarisesExpand
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Nanostructures and nanostructured substrates for surface—enhanced Raman scattering (SERS)
We review the performance of various nanoscaled structures needed to support the propagation of the surface plasmons responsible for surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS), and assess the potentialExpand
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Primary methods for the measurement of amount of substance
Primary methods of measurement play an important role in metrology because they provide the essential first link in the chain of traceability from the abstract definition of a unit of the International System of Units (SI) to its practical use in measurement. Expand
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Measurements of toluene and other aromatic hydrocarbons by differential-absorption LIDAR in the near-ultraviolet
The first measurements of toluene by differential-absorption LIDAR in the near-ultraviolet spectral region are reported. A pulse energy of 4.5 mJ was used for the measurement, generated byExpand
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Uncertainty in SI-traceable measurements of amount of substance by isotope dilution mass spectrometry
The use of isotope dilution mass spectrometry (IDMS) to make measurements of amount of substance that are traceable to the International System of Units (SI) depends on an analysis of possibleExpand
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The physical and chemical properties of electroless nickel–phosphorus alloys and low reflectance nickel–phosphorus black surfaces
Novel insights into the manufacture of nickel–phosphorus black surfaces by chemical etching of electroless-deposited Ni–P alloy has been achieved by examining the influence of pre-etch phosphorusExpand
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Gravimetric methods for the preparation of standard gas mixtures
The most widely used method for the preparation of primary standard gas mixtures involves weighing the individual components into a cylinder. We present a new mathematical description of the methodExpand
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General expression for the efficiency of phase-matched and nonphase-matched second-order nonlinear interactions between plane waves
General expressions are derived for the intensities of plane waves interacting in a second-order nonlinear process in which there are only two incident waves. The analysis covers, in a unified way,Expand
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